Geoffrey Cook

Candidate for Planning & Zoning Commission | 2021

Geoff Cook400

Candidate Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have lived in Killingworth with my family for 20+ years. I am running for my 4th  term on P&Z. 

Why are you running for the position?

I feel a strong commitment to working with the rest of the Commission as well as townspeople to ensure any changes made or approvals issued, are in keeping with the Town’s POCD, (which reflects townspeople’s desires) as well as trying to ensure a balance of existing and new development. 

What do you see as the important issues facing your town and how would you address them in your role?

From my perspective, the top 3 issues are: Creating a more pedestrian-oriented “town center”.   Balancing new residential development with the existing rural characteristics we all enjoy. It is important to me to continue working  on further initiatives for more affordable housing solutions for our elderly and for those just starting out, so they have options which allow them to continue to live in town. 

What are the key things you love about this town and its people? 

The rural character of the town and the close relationships we all share.

Additional thoughts to leave voters with?

As a reminder, we welcome anyone to attend P&Z meetings to stay informed and/or to share ideas with the commission. Join us. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month!