Ben Charney

Candidate for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

I am a lifelong  resident of Connecticut, a  graduate of UConn and a native of Guilford.

I’ve been fascinated with cars, engines and construction for my entire life.  A love of drawing and photography led me to pursue a degree in fine arts and then to work as a graphic designer at a large architectural firm. I ultimately combined my mechanical and technical curiosities with my interest in buildings and presently in the field of HVAC and Building Automation.  

My wife and I have been proud to call Killingworth home since 2016 and look forward to giving back to the community for years to come.  


Questions for the Candidate

Why are you running for zoning board of appeals alternate?

With a lifelong interest in building, professional experience in architecture, and HVAC as well as a desire to help others I feel that this position is a great fit for me.  The Zoning Board of Appeals serves a necessary service, especially in a small town.  Studying art taught me to keep an open mind and my career in HVAC and Building Automation has prepared me to seek creative solutions to unique problems.

What inspired you to go into public service? 

Neighbors helping neighbors is what small town life is all about.  Killingworth is a special place and giving back to this community is very important to me.

What’s your favorite KW business? 

It has to be a tie between La Foresta and the Cooking Company; great towns attract great food!

Favorite KW landmark?

Definitely Parmelee Farm.  I’ve lived most of my life in the area and watching the transformation of the Farm over the past several years has been remarkable.

Favorite day to go the transfer station?   

Thursday evening; the line is shorter and it’s the perfect way to prepare to end the week.

Any other fun facts or anything you care to add? 

I enjoy night photography, mostly landscape and architectural themes.  Taking photographs with little to no light has always fascinated me and it’s one of my favorite ways to relax on vacation.