Cathy Iino

Candidate for First Selectwoman

Most Killingworthies know that I am their first selectman, so I won’t introduce myself. But people ask me why I am running again, so let me say a little about that.

The more I do in this, the more I see what could be done to make Killingworth an even better place to live. Residents come forward with their own ideas—such as a backpack program to alleviate child hunger or a way to honor veterans—and I mobilize to support their efforts. New enterprises that suit our town’s character—say, La Foresta or Bishop’s cranberry bog—want to come to town, and I work hard to help them navigate the local, state, and even federal approval processes. I link up local groups with shared interests to make them even more effective. Increasingly, I have taken a leadership role in local and state organizations that advocate in behalf of small towns like ours.

We have accomplished a lot since I’ve been in office, and I don’t want to lose momentum. My priorities for the next two years are to find ways to make our small commercial district vibrant and prevent Route 81 from succumbing to suburban sprawl; to plan for the demographic changes that are coming—specifically, the aging of our population; and to seek out funding to relieve the tax burden on individual property owners.

I have described myself as a drum major for Killingworth. The music comes from a fabulous marching band of volunteers—musicians who know how to play their instruments, read the music, and create rhythm and harmony. I make sure they are all marching in the same direction and have the instruments they need to perform well.

Together, we keep the beat lively and the parade moving forward.

First Selectman Catherine Iino