Kathleen Zandi

Candidate for Board of Education

I value diversity. I’d like to go beyond the more traditional diversity definition (race, gender etc), to include diversity of thought. Diversity of thought comes in many forms – different ideas, different ways of  approaching a problem, different interests and skills. As a scientist, I realize that the best theories are  formed when many ideas are considered, and that many scientific discoveries have been made when someone made an observation, or thought about a problem, in a different or new way. We should  encourage diversity of thought in our schools, and our students should know that everyone has value.  

I value opportunity. Every child deserves an opportunity to excel.

I value teamwork. None of us is as smart as all of us. Our students need to learn how to work effectively  as part of, and as a leader of, a team. In my experience, this is a critical factor for success in any field.

I value mentorship. Everyone has a story about a person who inspired them. A teacher, coach parent,  sibling or co-worker. We should maximize mentorship opportunities for our students.