Lou Annino Jr.

Candidate for Selectman

I’m Lou Annino, Jr., and I’m running for the Board of Selectman. I’m a fourth generation resident of Killingworth, and have had the privilege for the past six years to serve as selectman. I hope for re-election to continue to serve responsibly so that all of us will have the opportunity to thrive in Killingworth.

My pledge if re-elected includes: managing our tax dollars responsibly, keeping our roads and town safe, maintaining its rural character, ensuring quality education from our schools, providing commercial opportunities that support the needs of the town, and making available balanced and varied housing opportunities.

I’ve spent better than half my life serving this community as a volunteer. During my tenure as selectman, I’ve played a leadership role in fiscal responsibility. I led the charge for development of a strategic capital plan while carefully managing our precious operating dollars. This has led to nearly flat operating budgets and responsible capital planning. In addition, I’ve worked to strengthen municipal services through staff accountability and improvements in interdepartmental communication and cooperation.

As a Planning & Zoning Commission member for more than 20 years, my record of balancing the growth needs of Killingworth along with maintaining its rural character speaks to my commitment to our town.

My experience as a registered professional engineer with nearly 30 years of facilities management experience including at Yale University, Bayer Corporation, and currently as the chief facilities officer at the University of New Haven, combined with my public service experience, make me uniquely qualified for the position of selectman. This experience includes budget and staff management, strategic planning, road, facility and infrastructure planning and maintenance, emergency management, and a track record of creativity, leadership, and integrity.

I encourage you to vote for me, Louis Annino, Jr., for selectman on Nov. 7.