Stephanie Warren

Candidate for Planning and Zoning

I moved to Killingworth just over twenty years ago, attracted by its rural nature and the general  friendly and positive feel of the Killingworth community. My (adult) kids are amazed that I have lived  in Killingworth for so long, as previously I have lived all over the country, partially related to work positions.

Killingworth has proven to be a wonderful community to live in, with all of the country and rural features that make it so beautiful and peaceful, and neighbors and local friends who make the meaning of “community” so lovely. In order to give back to Killingworth and to help it retain its character, I have been serving on the Killingworth Conservation Commission since 2001. Based on my work in that group, I was then appointed to the CT. River Estuary Board (CREPA) and remained on that board until CREPA evolved into the RiverCOG and the Lower Connecticut River Valley Regional Planning and Development Committee, of which I have been an active member since it started over 5 years ago. My service continues and so far I have logged in over 10 years. The focus of these services is to ensure that Killingworth town needs are appropriately incorporated into regional planning and development projects.

Four years ago, I was asked to run for a seat on the Killingworth Planning and Zoning Commission and to my surprise, I got voted in. Now I am up for re-election and really, really want to continue to be able to work toward providing and insuring that Killingworth Residents’ needs, and wishes for our community get addressed and honored. That is one reason why I agreed to spearhead the Town Survey that you all received last year. We have analyzed all of the responses from that survey and the data will be available in the Killingworth Town Plan of Conservation and Development.

It would be a great privilege to be able to continue to work on that, by continuing on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Hopefully, I will get YOUR VOTE!