Big money politics in Killingworth?


We are being outspent 6 to 1 in dollars, but not in spirit. Our terrific volunteers have made this campaign season a pleasure, not a job. So many great supporters, beautiful country roads, lively conversations. In the face of an opponent who has spent over $40,000 on his campaign—much of it raised from outside of town, and a lot of it spent on professional political consultants—we have gotten the word out that Cathy Iino is the leader we need.

Cathy understands the benefits and challenges of small-town life, and she constantly meets with residents and listens to their concerns and questions. She has recruited folks from both parties and all parts of our community to help work for the good of the whole. The fact that dozens of people have given their time and energy to support Cathy tells you what she means to Killingworth.

Take a look at the financials for both candidates (PDF)