Marcel Couture

Candidate for Board of Finance | 2019

My name is Marcel Couture, and I am asking for your vote for re-election to the Board of Finance.  My wife, Marsha, and I have lived in Killingworth since 1993.  We raised two children who have graduated from our excellent regional school system.

I volunteered as a leader in the local Cub Scout program and a coach in the Killingworth Youth League and thoroughly enjoyed both experiences.

I have an Associates Degree in business Administration from the University of New Haven.  I worked at a global supplier of metals for the telecom/connector industry for 35 years in various managerial positions, serving as Materials/Purchasing Manager for the last eleven years before retiring.  In that position I gained budgeting and cos-reducing skills that will help keep the town’s finances in good order.  As a homeowner I appreciate how the town has kept taxes low with no mil increases in the past 3 years.

My past 4 years on the Board of Finance have provided me with extensive knowledge of  Killingworth’s finances and budgets.  I will strive to continue the good work of the Board of Finance. 

I love this town and hope to contribute to its continued success as a great place to live and raise children.