Introducing Board of Selectmen candidate Jamie Young

From left: Jamie Young and Lou Annino, Jr.

Dear Friends,

I am Louis Annino, Jr., and I’m running for re-election to the Killingworth Board of Selectmen where I have had the privilege to serve this community of ours diligently for the last ten years.  

As in the past, I have and will pledge again to work to ensure our tax dollars are managed responsibly, our roads and town are kept safe, and our rural character is maintained. At the same time, I will work to ensure quality education at our schools, provide commercial opportunities that support the needs of the town and make available balanced and varied housing opportunities. 

While my record as Selectman shows strong commitment and progress in all of these areas, there is more work to be done.  Recent public health matters of unprecedented levels have strained our emergency services, challenged our schools, stolen a portion of our children’s youth, handicapped our town businesses and stretched our precious tax dollars.  As we begin to emerge from this difficult period, it is time to rebuild.  

In the upcoming weeks, you will hear more about the plan for this rebuilding.  For now, I will simply say that it starts with working together. As a lifelong resident of Killingworth, I know that the people of this town have always worked this way as friends and neighbors. Certainly, at times there has been a healthy amount of debate but always civil, open, non-partisan and thus constructive. This is how consensus is reached and progress is made.  This is the foundation of our governmental process and the basis on which I plan to continue to work.

As we begin to map our strategy, I look forward to sharing more details in the near future.  A key component to this strategy is my running mate. I could not be more pleased to introduce Jamie Young who brings a wealth of experience to complement and strengthen this platform.

I am sure many of you know her as she has been an active resident with her husband Brian, for 23 years. Among her many qualifications, she brings a positive and inclusive outlook, a master’s degree in ethics and a law degree with a concentration in mediation. She is a fair listener and an energetic problem solver. She looks for common ground and practical solutions. Jamie actively served on multiple town, regional, and state commissions and currently serves as the town representative on the Policy Board of the Regional Water Authority.

Jamie has been involved over the years with the KWO and the Fire Company’s auxiliary. She volunteers behind the scenes with many projects. Jamie worked in higher education for 14 years. She’s served as legal counsel and contract guru at the Departments of Energy, Environmental Protection and Transportation and the Governor’s Office and as a law clerk at the National Labor Relations Board. Her list of accomplishments is long and varied. Jamie is a quick study and cares about people, the environment, justice, and Killingworth. She will bring all of that learning and experience to the table as a selectwoman.

Jamie and I look forward to sharing with all of you more of our ideas and perspectives.  We welcome your thoughts as well.  I hope as you hear more from us you will recognize the strengths that together we bring to the Board of Selectmen as we ask for your vote this November.

Thank you,

Lou Annino, Jr.

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