Can’t Argue with Success

Last month at the Killingworth Democratic caucus, I was proud to nominate two candidates to continue the excellent work they have been doing in behalf of our town.

I nominated Dawn Mooney for town clerk. I am pleased that the Republicans have decided to cross-endorse Dawn, acknowledging her excellent skills and experience. She is most knowledgeable about our town’s rules and regulations and provides an atmosphere making it pleasant for residents needing assistance.

I also nominated Cathy Iino for another term as first selectman. As her running mate for the Board of Selectmen, Lou Annino, Jr., says, “you can’t argue with success.” Cathy’s successes range from new recreational facilities—including the town’s first tennis courts!—to expanded tax relief for low-income seniors, and from finding new sources of support for the library to creating a war veterans monument at Town Hall. She was able to accomplish so much by engaging people of all parties and persuasions in exciting projects that enhance Killingworth, and she was able to do it all while keeping the budget under tight control. Cathy is tireless in her dedication to do what is best for Killingworth.

Dawn and Cathy and Lou are joined on the Democratic slate by an impressive group of highly competent, committed, energetic candidates, whom your readers will meet in the next few months.

I encourage all Killingworth voters to vote for Cathy, Lou, Dawn, and the Democratic slate on election day, Nov. 7. We are fortunate to have such outstanding candidates.

Joan Gay

Published August 02, 2017 in The Source

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