An Unsuitable GOP Speaker

The Hartford Courant published a letter by Cathy Iino, first selectman of Killingworth, on August 8.

View PDF of digital edition


A confederation of Republican town committees invited Michelle Malkin to address them on Thursday in Haddam. Their choice of speaker tells us that our local Republican party is fully on board with the Trump administration’s message of hate.

Just one example of Malkin’s extreme and callous views: Malkin claims that the internment of women, men, and children of Japanese descent during World War II was vindicated by reports that Japan tried to recruit agents among people of Japanese origin living in the U.S. Historians have debunked her account, but even if it were correct, it would not justify incarcerating an entire group on the basis of their ethnicity. That is, by definition, a racist policy.

After 9/11, President Bush made it clear that America did not see Muslims or the Islamic faith as our enemy. That was a bright spot in his administration—one I particularly appreciated as the child of a father who, as an American teenager, was sent with his family to an internment camp. From there, he volunteered for the U.S. Army and was decorated for valor.

I am sorry to learn that local Republicans think Malkin represents what their party stands for.

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