Letter to the Editor: Town Charter is Killingworth’s Law

The following letter was published October 28, 2021 in Haddam-Killingworth News

Whether a Killingworth selectman may legally hold another office is currently in dispute. The Killingworth Town Charter clearly says, “No member of the Board of Selectmen shall, during his/her term in office, hold or be appointed to any other office, board, commission, or position of employment in the government of Killingworth. . . .” The Town Attorney has given his legal opinion that membership on the RSD17 Board of Education is, in fact, holding an office in the government of Killingworth.

Lately, some are arguing that we should “let the voters decide.” The fact is, we have a Town Charter that was adopted by the voters. It is Killingworth’s “constitution.” A vote in a particular election does not allow you to violate that constitution.

Indeed, the passage I just quoted was not only in the current charter; it was in the preceding charters since the first one, adopted in 1981. I know; I was on the commission that drafted Killingworth’s first charter. Killingworth voters have adopted this language three times. The voters have decided already.

There is a procedure in place, under state law, to change that decision. It is called Charter Revision, and ironically, it was this procedure that brought the disputed provision of our current charter to light. Unless and until a revised charter is approved by town vote, the current charter is the law.

Joan Gay


Letter to the Editor: Proud to endorse Democratic slate

The following letter was published in H-K Now on October 14, 2021.

It is often said that all politics is local, a saying which highlights the importance of our upcoming local elections. Along with stone walls and town meetings, participatory democracy holds a revered and iconic place in historic Killingworth. This fall’s election cycle is no exception.

The 2021 Democratic slate in Killingworth is one I am proud to endorse. It includes tried and true candidates with years of experience in the positions they are again seeking and several new candidates who bring their own special strengths and work backgrounds to the slate.

Our ticket is headed by a dynamic duo running for selectmen, Lou Annino, Jr. and Jamie Young. Lou is running for his sixth term as selectman after years serving the town as Commissioner of Planning and Zoning. He is an executive administrator at the University of New Haven and a Registered Professional Engineer. Lou knows the importance of long-term planning, our town’s infrastructure, and the need for fiscal responsibility. Jamie will bring years of legal experience in state government,  environmental issues, and mediation to the position. She has a knack for focusing on the essence of an issue and defusing tense situations. Both Jamie and Lou have volunteered in different capacities over the years as a natural part of living in our community.

From the experienced to those stepping up for the first time, our candidates know that working together works for all. They are part of the Democratic ticket because they want to solve problems and plan for Killingworth’s future. They are happy to reach out to others to get the job done.

Please join me in voting for Lou and Jamie as selectmen as well as the rest of the Democratic ticket. Vote Row A all the way on November 2.


Kathleen Amoia


Letter to the Editor: A highly qualified and energetic candidate

The following letter was published October 13, 2021 in H-K Now.

Jamie Young would be a great selectman for Killingworth. She is an attorney who has experience in industry as well as state government, having served as Associate Legal Counsel to Governor Rell and in the DEEP under Governor Malloy. She has a very positive, energetic attitude and is a joy to work with.

She and her husband Brian have lived In Killingworth for 23 years. She has been active in several local organizations including the KWO and KVFC Auxiliary, and she is dedicated to conserving Killingworth’s environment. I know the family and have served on the ZBA with Brian for many years. They have three boys—one of whom is a student director of the Killingworth Land Conservation Trust—and together are a delightful and respected family. Cathy Iino has been actively supporting Jamie’s candidacy and says “she would be a terrific selectman. No one is more diligent than she is about getting all the facts and considering the various angles of a project.” The fact that Cathy is so enthusiastic about Jamie also means that a transition to a new administration would be a very smooth one—a significant benefit for the town.

On November 2nd please vote for Jamie Young and Lou Annino, Jr. for Board of Selectmen. If you would prefer, absentee ballot applications are now available at Town Hall and on line at townofkillingworth.com.

Bruce Dodson


An Unsuitable GOP Speaker

The Hartford Courant published a letter by Cathy Iino, first selectman of Killingworth, on August 8. 


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A confederation of Republican town committees invited Michelle Malkin to address them on Thursday in Haddam. Their choice of speaker tells us that our local Republican party is fully on board with the Trump administration’s message of hate.

Just one example of Malkin’s extreme and callous views: Malkin claims that the internment of women, men, and children of Japanese descent during World War II was vindicated by reports that Japan tried to recruit agents among people of Japanese origin living in the U.S. Historians have debunked her account, but even if it were correct, it would not justify incarcerating an entire group on the basis of their ethnicity. That is, by definition, a racist policy.

After 9/11, President Bush made it clear that America did not see Muslims or the Islamic faith as our enemy. That was a bright spot in his administration—one I particularly appreciated as the child of a father who, as an American teenager, was sent with his family to an internment camp. From there, he volunteered for the U.S. Army and was decorated for valor.

I am sorry to learn that local Republicans think Malkin represents what their party stands for.